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Topics (screen)

This is a typical "page" within the Virtual Screening Room. The user is presented with text on a particular topic, in this case the fade. Throughout the text, film reel icons are placed to indicate that a film clip is available. These clips are also represented by thumbnails located in the filmstrips below the viewer. Hyperlinks are also located throughout the text which direct the user to related concepts.

A click on the movie title displays in-depth information on each movie including; the year the film was made, the country and studio that made the film, the current owner, the adaptation source, the director, writer, cinematographer, film editor, music composer, art director, producer and cast. The navigation buttons at the bottom of the page allow the user to return to the table of contents, view a history of visited links, move through the "pages" and quit out of the application.

By clicking on the search button at the bottom of the page the user gains access to an extensive database of 500 film clips.

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