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Hamlet on the Ramparts

    Hamlet on the Ramparts website
    Hamlet on the Ramparts is an attempt to involve a wide range of libraries, publishers, and scholars in a joint project in which all possible resources for a single scene of Hamlet are freely available on the Web in an archival system designed to make all resources easily accessible. It is an experiment in bringing together in digital form resources which are held in geographically distant locations and making them available for use by students and scholars at all levels, and by anyone with an interest in Shakespeare.

    For this initial phase, we have assembled electronic texts of three major modern editions (the Arden, the Folger, and the Oxford), page images of the first three printed editions of the play (The First Folio, The First Quarto, The Second Quarto), an extensive collection of artwork and photographs, and sequences from three film versions -- the Forbes-Robertson film of 1913, the Svend Gade adaptation of 1920, and the filmed record of the Richard Burton-John Gielgud production of 1964.

    Hamlet on the Ramparts is an evolving collection, which will expand to include other texts, images, films, sound recordings and digitial artifacts. Planned additions also include commentary by major scholars and a forum for user participation.

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