Center for Educational Computing Initiatives

Massachusetts Ponds Interactive

Massachusetts Ponds Interactive is a multimedia kiosk designed by CECI for the New England Aquarium's 1996 exhibit on New England Ponds. The exhibit explores both the ecosystems of New England freshwater ponds and the environmental issues that effect them. Massachusetts Ponds InteractiveThe purpose of the kiosk is to provide the visitor with a more personal context for the information conveyed by the exhibit. By presenting specific information on over 300 ponds throughout the state of Massachusetts the kiosk will enable the visitor to view their own local ponds in a new light, allowing for a greater understanding not only of the creatures that inhabit their local ponds, but also of the dangers that affect them. The application was developed with AthenaMuse2 and is running on a Windows platform.

Screen shots


  • Lestra Litchfield - Project Manager and Multimedia Producer, MIT CECI
  • Philip Bailey - Senior Application Software Designer, MIT CECI
  • Mark Chandler - Executive Producer and Content Director, New England Aquarium
  • Justin Lapierre - Application Software Designer, MIT CECI
  • Fish ImageBen Sanders - Assistant Application Software Designer
  • Bruce Wyman - Computer Graphic Designer, New England Aquarium
  • Sally Landry - Art Work, New England Aquarium