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Historia Interactiva - Hotel Room (screen)


The hotel room is the student's home base for the duration of the interactive story. Each day begins and ends here. In addition there are many features in the room that the student can use.

  • The Message Center - The telephone when clicked on will provide the student with messages from the different characters in the story either setting up appointments or providing instructions.
  • The Map of Medellin - The Map serves as one of the navagation tools for the application.
  • The Appointment Book - This can be used in a number of ways. It is where the student keeps their agenda for appointments with the story characters and their sightseeing tours. As such it can be used as a navigation tool to those appointments. In addition there is a notebook component to the appointment book where the student can save media, text and type in their own notes.
  • The Radio - The clock radio keeps track of the virtual time of the application and also provides different radio stations from Medellin with subtitles.
  • The Window - By clicking on the window the student can get vidios of views outside.
  • The Work Area - By clicking on the computer the student enters their own personal work space. Activities in the Work Area are given at the end of each day and include assignments in Gramatica, Entonaciperación, Pronunciacion or Proyectos.

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