Dynamic Signal Analyzer

The Dynamic Signal Analyzer Weblab is based on an Agilent 35670A Dynamic Signal Analyzer . This state-of-the-art instrument allows a user to perform frequency domain measurements on electronic circuits and control systems. While this instrument can perform a variety of measurements, this experiment focuses on its use in performing frequency response measurements (swept sine or FFT) on electronic filters, amplifiers and control circuits. Certain circuits-under-test may have additional control hardware.

The user interface for the Dynamic Signal Analyzer Lab is a Java applet that is derived from the software used for the Microelectronics Device Characterization Lab. This interface is a simplified version of the original lab client developed for this lab. A diagram describing the circuit-under-test is displayed, along with the experiment parameters supported for that circuit, in the upper half of the client. The lower half contains an experiment results graphing module that displays the magnitude and phase components of the frequency response measurement as a function of input signal frequency. As of this writing, the Dynamic Signal Analyzer Lab supports a single circuit-under-test at any given time and the parameters for this circuit are transmitted to the client at launch.