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Database Visualization in 3D

Database Visualization in 3D title image

The Database Visualisation in 3D project purpose is to explore a fusion of Java, database and VRML technologies to design applications for the visualization of information stored in databases.  The research is to build a set of tools which allow a multimodal display of these information in 3D VRML and have an architecture which allow dynamic refresh of the worlds in which the user navigate.

The technology is essentially Client/Server based with ambition to abstract as far as possible the data from the different components and store the maximum in the Database.

You can also download my thesis wrote about this project:

pdfVRML Generation tools for visualization of database content in three dimensions (English, letter, 392 KB)


   France Telecom

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  • Philip Bailey, MIT
  • Cyril Morcrette, MIT
  • Michael Privat, ESSI

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