Center for Educational Computing Initiatives

Specialized Uses of 3d Visualization at MIT

For the researcher, detailed and striking visualizations can demonstrate sophisticated experiments to a wide range of audiences. Proposals are enhanced by 3d imaging in color.

Comprehensive and specific 3d visualizations and animations used as an additional teaching tool help students understand complex subjects.

Below are various still images and animations created by Mark Bessette from drawings and actual measurements of equipment. All are designed using 3d Studio Max from Autodesk.

Click on the thumbnail for a description and larger image or avi/mov for a short animation.
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avi 4.3M   mov 4M

        Still image  

avi 4.8M   mov 3.1M
Levitating Coil

avi 7.7M   mov 7.8M

avi 5.5M   mov 3.2M

      mov 5.9M
Levitating Magnet
Magnetic Force
Force on Dipole

avi 1M   mov 3.4M

        Still image  

avi 4.7M   mov 2.1M
Neutron Shielding
Bragg Diffraction
TEAL Classroom

avi 4M  

avi 6M  

        Still image  

Link to Mark Bessette web page at CECI