Center for Educational Computing Initiatives

Steven Richard Lerman
Steven Richard Lerman

Education B.S., Civil Engineering, 1972, MIT

M.S., Civil Engineering, 1973, MIT

Ph.D., Transportation Systems Analysis, 1975, MIT

Areas of Specialization Multimedia Educational Software

Computer Applications in Education

Transportation Systems Analysis

Experience Class of 1922 Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1991-present)

Director, Center for Educational Computing Initiatives, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (1991-present)

Director, Intelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (1989-1992)

Visiting Scientist (on sabbatical leave), Digital Equipment Corporation (1988-1989)

Director of Project Athena, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1983-1988)

Head, Transportation Systems Division, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1981-1983)

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute Technology (1984-present)

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1979-1984)

Gilbert Winslow Career Development Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1977-1979)

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1975-1979)

Honors and Awards Class of 1922 Distinguished Professorship (1991-present)

Lilly Teaching Award (1976-1977)

Civil Engineering Effective Teaching Award (1977)

Gilbert W. Winslow Career Development Chair (1977-1979)

Graduate Student Council Teaching Award (1978)

Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association Fellow (1974-1975)

Sloan Fellow (1973-1974)

Selected Activities Chair of the Faculty, MIT (1999-2001)

Chair Elect of the Faculty, MIT (1998-1999)

Associate Chair of the Faculty, MIT (1997-1998)

Visiting Adjunct Professor, University of Bergen, Norway (1994-present)

Distinguished Visiting Faculty Member, Gabriela Mistral University, Santiago, Chile (1992- present)

Member, Committee on Information Technology, National Research Council (1995-present)

Associate Editor, Journal of Science Education and Technology (1992-1996)

Distinguished Lecturer, The MITRE Corporation (1993)

Member, Advisory Committee on Academic Computing, Carnegie Mellon University (1991- present)

Conference Chairman, MIT Conference on Educational Computing in the Twenty First Century, (1992)

Board of Directors and Chairman, Senior Executive Compensation Committee, Cambridge Systematics, Inc. (1983-present)

Member, Committee on Delivery of Engineering Education: Applying Emerging Technologies, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems National Research Council (1992)

Chairman, Academic Computing Council, MIT (1991-1995)

Member, Management Board, The MIT Press (1998-present)

Member, MIT Committee on the Libraries, MIT (1990-1996)

Member, Committee on Operations Research, MIT (1989-present)

Member, Committee On Travel Demand, Transportation Research Board (1977-1982)

Member, Task Force on Educational Technology, American Society of Engineering Education (1984-1985)

Books Ben-Akiva, Moshe and Steven R. Lerman, Discrete Choice Analysis: Theory and Application to Travel Demand, MIT Press, 1985.

Lerman, Steven R., Problem Solving and Computation for Scientists and Engineers: An Introduction Using C, Prentice-Hall, 1993

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Lerman, Steven R. and Clifford R. Kern, "Hedonic Theory, Bid Rents and Willingness to Pay: Some Extensions of Ellickson's Results," Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 13, 1983.

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Curtis, Katherine and Lerman, Steven R., "Integration of Multidatabase Technology with Multimedia Application Authoring Environments", paper accepted for presentation at World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, Calgary, Canada, June, 1997.

Lerman, Steven R. and Lapierre, Justin, "A Multimedia Simulation to Teach Application of Statistics in Manufacucturing Quality Control", paper to be presented at Engineering Innovators Conference, Washington, DC, April, 1997.